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Fortress Power Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System – HV Pro 7.6kW 19.6kWh


Smart, whole-home backup, grid independence and peace of mind with the Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage Solutions from Fortress Power.  The Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System is made up of a stackable, slim designed High Voltage Battery that pairs with a High Voltage Inverter providing solar storage and backup power. Add the Avalon Smart Energy Panel to allow for full control over your backup power all from a smartphone app.


All-in-one solution (PV, Generator, On/Off Grid)

7.6kW Rated AC Output Power (grid tied)

12.2kVa / 10 seconds Max AC Output Power (off-grid)

19.6kWh storage capacity – LFP technology that is easily stackable and expandable

NEMA 4X / IP65 rated for outdoor installation


Manufacturer: Fortress Power
Manufacturer #: HV Pro 7.6kW 19.6kWh
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