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Solar Heat Pump – 12 000 BTU – Energy Star Certified


Power: 12 000 BTU
Applications: Grid

Manufacturer: Ecosolaris
Say goodbye to traditional heat pumps with the most certified solar heat pump in America!

General Information

The Ecosolaris solar heat pump is a mini split heat pump composed of two units (1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit). This allows the cooled/heated air to be delivered to its destination without loss of temperature. This heat pump is also the only solar heat pump in America with all these certifications:
  • ETL
  • CETL
  • UL
  • CSA
  • Energy Star
  • America DOE
  • America CEC
Our heat pump has two modes of operation : Hybrid mode and Off-Grid mode.

Hybrid Application

In this operating mode, the heat pump is connected directly to solar panels and the grid.
Typically, the heat pump operates via solar panels during sunny periods and uses the grid during non-sunny periods.
This hybrid mode of operation eliminates the need for batteries (saving you several hundreds of dollars) and allows the system to be used around at any given time.
Please note that a grid connection is not mandatory for the heat pump to work.
In such cases, the heat pump works during sunny periods only and is used to reduce the workload of your main heating/cooling source.

Off-Grid Application

In this operating mode, the heat pump is hooked up to a 48V battery bank and runs on solar energy all day and night. To make it work off-grid, you need to get an additional off-grid module (sold separately) that converts the heat pump into a 48Vdc version. Any 48V battery bank works (lead-acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium), which allows it to be installed in any existent solar energy system. This off-grid application gives you the opportunity to do more heating and/or cooling energy savings by running on free energy (a.k.a solar energy) 24/7. Please note that for every hour of functioning at maximum capacity, the heat pump consumes 1 kWh of energy (approx. 20Ah at 48V). Large battery banks (5 kWh minimum) are therefore needed for the unit to operate many hours a day without any solar input.

Remote Control

The solar heat pump is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning it can be controlled remotely via the Ecosolaris app (available free on iOS and Android). The app allows you to adjust the temperature, fan speed and program the unit. Optimizing your energy consumption has never been easier !

Low Carbon Footprint

The solar heat pump is an eco-responsible heating and cooling solution because it uses free energy during sunny periods and limits the energy needed to heat/cool the premises during non-sunny periods by pre-heating/pre-cooling the ambient air. Considering that this technology can now be powered by solar energy and that it produces 3 to 5 times more energy than it consumes, it turns out to be a very interesting solution from the ones who seek to reduce their carbon footprint.


  • 1 x outdoor unit
  • 1 x indoor unit
  • 1 x Remote control
  • Installation accessories


  • The solar panels
  • The solar panel racking system
  • The batteries
  • Electrical protections (breakers or fuses) for the heat pump and the batteries
For more information about the product functioning or its specifications, have a look at our product brochure down below.
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